viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Bolshie Koty (or whatever is written) // Baikal Lake

On thursday we trekked from Listvyanka to Bolshie Koty, a little fishers village isolated in the western side of Baikal lake. With "isolated" I mean that they dont have any roads or tracks to communicate with the rest of the world. Only a narrow path only affordable by hickers, by boat along the lake in summer and by car throuh the frozen Baikal in winter. We reached the village by the path long the cliffs, and in the photographs you can see that Hector is wearing the Russian army uniform, a gift from our new military friends! At the end we had to get hurry because we almost lose our hydrofoil, so we hadnt time enough to see Bolshie Koty. These are the photos from our adventure.

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